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Organic CBD Pet Drops 500 MG

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🐶 Formulated dogs over 25 pounds, our clear and simple two-ingredient product sets the industry standard for purity, quality and efficacy. An organic unrefined coconut oil base supports our highest quality, THC-free, third party lab-tested, US hemp-derived, CBD isolate. 🥥🌿

No artificial beef or whatever other weird flavorings. Completely odorless and flavorless, perfect for ANY picky eater just mix it in with their food! 🦴🥩🐟

✅   CBD derived from US-grown hemp
✅   Supports joint function and mobility
✅   Calms nervousness and separation anxiety
✅   Gluten free • Hexane free • Non-GMO
✅   Sourced and Made in the USA 🇺🇸

🌟 12 Years of Industry Leading Products from a Brand You Can Trust

For smaller dogs and cats order our 200 mg organic CBD pet drops.