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Blazin’ Brownies 3 Minute Microwave Herbal Brownie Mix


🚫🌿 Contains NO CBD, THC, or additives. Formulated with natural ingredients. 🌱✨

Have a magical brownie with no mess anytime 🌈✨ Create real herbal brownies in only 3 minutes using your microwave. NO making butter or oil, ALL YOU NEED is a herb and water! 🌿💦⏰

🌱🔬 Blazin’ Brownies™ Microwave mix has all the same great features as our original mix such as powdered oils, soy lecithin, and coconut oil, but with no baking. Ready start-to-finish in 3 minutes. Only requires a small amount of herb, directions on vial. Makes 1 mug brownie.

Blazin’ Brownies™ mixes absorb herbal ingredients better, resulting in a more potent brownie than supermarket brands. The simplest, fastest, and strongest brownies ever! No experience needed. 🍫🕒🔥